Affiliate ROI

Our user-friendly, state-of-the-art tracking and reporting systems help us provide targeted lead generation with real-time distribution capabilities, so that we are constantly adapting to deliver superior payouts and conversion rates for both advertisers and publishers.

Point Advertising

Our premier advertiser network connects consumers seeking products directly to advertisers. Through a comprehensive compliance program and technology platform, publishers are able to convert their website traffic while providing high quality leads to advertisers effectively increasing their performance metrics and overall ROI.

Prime Lead

Through our proprietary email delivery platform, our creative emails attain unrivaled deliverability rates, resulting in a high consumer response for all major domains.

Search ROI

Our compelling creative, offers and online media are tailored to fit both advertisers’ and publishers’ business objectives. Our affiliate marketing team drives high-quality traffic and increases customer retention rates with innovative features such as landing page optimization, exit solutions and non-placed traffic programs.